Planetary Gearboxes

Performance through Torque and Speed

Planetary gearboxes are found in an array of industries, creating powerful solutions for food processing, automotive manufacturing, wind turbine construction and more. Each gearbox demands a precise construction with premier materials that offer long-term life spans and smooth operations. At WD Bearings, we deliver on these needs through our production of precision standard bearings and custom bearing manufacturing for some of the most well-known gearbox manufacturers in the industry.

Planetary Gearbox — Components and Bearings

For a planetary gearbox to work as expected, it requires a collection of gears, rings and bearings. Together, this configuration offers a strong, highly versatile gearbox capable of withstanding heavy force while delivering adequate output.

In any industrial machine, gearbox bearings play the vital role of supporting consistent rotations and dissipating force throughout the gearbox so that no one part is overworked. Learn more by exploring how the rest of the planetary gearbox comes into play.

What Is a Planetary Gearbox?

The planetary gearbox gets its name from its setup. Consider our solar system — in the center, you have our sun. Within its gravitational pull, you have the planets of our solar system. These bodies orbit around the sun at a consistent rate, enabling its energy to reach each planet as they rotate on their axes.

The same concept applies to your planetary gearbox. Inside the gearbox, you’ll find an inner gear (the “sun gear”), an outer gear (the “ring gear”) and a number of gears distributed evenly in between them (the “planet gears”). The sun and ring gears keep the planet gears in place so they can rotate through their orbit and create an energy output.

While the ring gear maintains a stationary position, every other gear has its own orbit. The sun gear orbits in one direction, supplying the requested input, and the planetary gears respond by orbiting in the opposite direction around it.

As the teeth of these planetary gears connect with the ring gear, they create the required energy for your machine to produce the speed and torque you need for your operations. Changing speed is as simple as changing the size of the sun gear.

The Physical Influence of Bearings in Planetary Gearboxes

Throughout the course of a normal day, planetary gearbox bearings may be subject to innumerable measures of force. At WD Bearings, every part of our process has been carefully considered to cater to three important aspects integral to superior manufacturing and improved performance.

Overall Bearing Life

In any manufacturing operation, you need top-quality tools designed to last. Even the smallest parts should use proven materials to ensure stability and longevity. WD Bearings products are made with 99.98% VIM-VAR steel so you can feel as confident in our work as we are.

Product Consistency

Our manufacturing process prioritizes quality and consistency above all else. Using the best materials is vital to continued success, but even more than that, a consistent output promises our clients predictable performance across every single unit. That’s why we rely on the same proven material suppliers and equipment to produce all our bearings.

Fracture Resistance

Bearings are subject to significant strain day after day. The intense speeds and vibrations applied to these components may cause breakage or premature wear, especially if your bearings are not created with such power transfers in mind. Before we release any of our bearing products for purchase, we test them rigorously in the harshest conditions so we can be sure they’ll deliver impressive resistance against fractures in any situation.

Industries of Bearings in Planetary Gearboxes

Thanks to their impressive noise reduction and strength, planetary gearboxes make a suitable power source for industries everywhere. As a longtime manufacturer of bearings, WD Bearings has seen our handiwork improve sales and reduce downtime for facilities across the following sectors:

  • Material handling
  • Wind turbine
  • Power and electricity harnessing
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Farming
  • Food and sugar processing
  • Marine-based applications

Common Planetary Gearbox Bearing Types

Wondering about which type of bearing you should use in your planetary gearbox? Consider your most pressing needs for your project, then explore WD Bearings’ selections of:

When you’re exploring your options for planetary gearbox bearings, there is one option that reigns supreme above the rest — RN & RNN Cylindrical Roller Bearings . Planetary gears require immense power to move heavy equipment while operating within a compact design. Thanks to their no-outer-ring design, RN & RNN cylindrical roller bearings need only a small amount of radial space and provide high load capacity.

This innovative design yields numerous benefits, including a smooth surface and uniform stress distribution. These bearings also excel in cageless designs, and are ideally suited for planetary gearboxes that use in heavy-duty applications such as construction machinery, wind power, and agriculture.

Get the Most Out of Your Bearings

When you’re working with heavy-duty equipment featuring a transmission gearbox, you need the best parts possible to ensure a long life span and efficient working conditions. At WD Bearings, we source our bearings from 99.98% VIM-VAR steel, which is one of the most durable materials available. Following installation, you’ll have a reliable transmission gearbox ready to get started on your work right away.

Whether you’re working in the automobile industry, off-road equipment or something else entirely, let WD Bearings give you the tools you need to succeed. Contact us today to order bearings made precisely for your gearbox applications.