Scroll Compressor Bearings

High Precision, Low Noise, Long Life

Scroll Compressors: Components and Bearings

Scroll compressors are often used in air-conditioning systems and heat pumps. Their small number of moving components results in reliable operations. Due to their special design, they also provide low noise emissions and efficient performance.

WD Bearings provides bearings for all kinds of scroll compressor applications. When you work with us, you can get exactly what you need. We tailor bearing designs using top-of-the-line materials and manufacturing methods to suit your preferences and goals.

What Is a Scroll Compressor?

A scroll compressor is also known as a spiral compressor, scroll vacuum pump, or scroll pump. The components consist of a shell with an outlet and inlet. The lower part of the shell contains lubricant for two bearings. The pieces of metal include a stationary scroll and an orbiting scroll driven by a motor.

The orbiting scroll completes a 180-degree rotation. During this process, the chambers absorb gas and transport it to the center of the scroll set. As the rotation progresses, the chambers become smaller and create internal compression. In the middle of the scrolls, a discharge port allows the gas to escape. There’s usually a check valve to prevent backflow.

The Physical Influence of Scroll Compressor Bearings

Several compressor bearings are on the market today. In a radial-compliant design, the two scrolls stay in contact while the moving scroll follows a flexible path. In an axial-compliant design, the orbiting and stationary scrolls separate from each other to allow gas to pass throughout. Other designs prevent the moving scroll from coming into contact with the stationary scroll.

Overall Bearing Life

These compressors are generally small and have few moving parts, which results in low maintenance and a long lifespan. Instead of wearing out with operation, the pieces often fit better together to create a superior seal over time.

Fracture Resistance

These unique designs accommodate high speeds with low amounts of vibration. Strong materials and manufacturing methods provide next-level durability.

The Social Influence of Bearings in Scroll Compressors

With any application, a successful operation requires the right bearings. The generating motion distributes power, impacting the overall performance, how customers perceive your brand, and how much revenue you make.

Common Bearings

Our professionals can help you choose the right bearings for your application. Some of the options we offer include:

  • Deep groove ball bearings: The deep grove ball bearings have high rotational speeds with low vibration and friction. They accommodate radial and axial loads in both directions.
  • Cylindrical roller bearings: A cylindrical roller bearing accommodates radial and axial loads. These bearings provide a greater load capacity and high-speed operations.
  • Needle roller bearings: The needle roller bearings support high-speed operations and a greater load capacity. They feature cylindrical rollers with smaller diameters.

Get the Most out of Your Bearings

Since 2000, WD Bearings has become an expert in the bearings industry. Our company is proud to produce bearings with common or catered products suiting your needs. To get started, contact our team today!