Single Screw Compressor Bearings

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Single Screw Compressor: Components and Bearings

When you need a reliable, efficient way to compress air, single-phase screw compressors offer an innovative solution. These rotary-type positive-displacement mechanisms accommodate lower pressures and high volumes. With only three moving parts, these compressors can provide impressive longevity while keeping operational costs low.

WD Bearings provides your solution when you want to optimize your application. Our bearings are made with the highest-quality materials and manufacturing processes for consistency and next-level durability.

What Is a Single Screw Compressor?

A single-phase rotary screw compressor consists of a screw rotor and two symmetrical, star-shaped wheels. When the screw rotator rotates counterclockwise around its axis, it drives the two-wheel rotation. The two-wheel configuration rotates with one wheel in a clockwise motion and the other wheel in a counterclockwise motion. The volume gradually decreases throughout this process, causing air or gas compression.

This machinery is common in applications requiring a constant and consistent supply of compressed air. The ability to handle a high volume is ideal for industrial settings, manufacturing processes, and construction projects.

The Physical Influence of Bearings in Single Screw Compressors

The right bearings will operate smoothly for the application at hand. In the rotator, each screw channel works twice on both sides during a rotation to create a higher volume efficiency than other compressors. The symmetric wheels offset opposite radial forces, creating a balanced state. The gas force has no effect on the friction force.

Overall Bearing Life

At WD Bearings, we’re proud to use 99.98% VIM-VAR steel for our bearings. Our high-quality, durable materials offer a way to improve your operational performance.

Product Consistency

Our company is dedicated to producing quality results. We follow consistent manufacturing and quality control management practices.

Fracture Resistance

We provide bearings outfitted with robust components, like retainers and large rivets. Our durable designs resist damage from the vibrations of the screw rotators and star-shaped wheels.

The Social Influence of Single Screw Compressor Bearings

It’s important to choose the right components for your equipment so you can provide the highest performance possible. Your application’s performance plays a role in customer relationships and how your audience perceives your brand.

Common Bearings

Our professionals can help you choose the right bearings for your application. Some of the options we offer include:

Get the Most out of Your Bearings

Since 2000, WD Bearings has become an expert in the bearings industry. Our company is proud to produce bearings with common or catered products suiting your needs. To get started, contact our team today!